Dragon Ball Super Sees One Fighter Finally Defeat Gas

The Granolah The Survivor Arc introduced us to the newest character of Dragon Ball Super, the titular intergalactic bounty hunter thwas sacrificed his life span in order to become the strongest being in the universe. However, Granolah's time as the most powerful brawler was short lived as Gas of the Heeters took his crown and decided to attempt to eliminate both the Cerelian along with Goku and Vegeta. Now, the Granolah Arc has seemingly come to a close with the latest chapter revealing who took down Gas. 

Warning. If you have yet to read Dragon Ball Super's latest manga chapter, Chapter 86, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory for the ending of the Granolah Arc.

While the latest installments focused on Goku and Gas butting heads, with the two blinking across the universe and matching their skills against one another. With Goku discovering a new form of Ultra Instinct thanks to managing to add his emotions to the new transformation, the Saiyan briefly became the new strongest being in the universe, but for a short amount of time.

With Gas putting up quite the battle, Goku unleashes his gigantic energy form, tossing the member of the Heeters into the air and setting up the antagonist for a devastating blast from Granolah, who had recovered from his initial battle with Gas. Luckily for the Heeters that weren't on the receiving end of Granolah's blast, the bounty hunter stated that he is no longer seeking to kill anyone and is no longer attempting to get revenge. 

With Gas no seemingly unconscious for "at least a few days," it will be interesting to see how much longer the members of the Heeters can survive now that he's expended the energy that the Eternal Dragon gave him. Right now, Dragon Ball Super hasn't revealed what will take place following this arc though we're sure that the next chapter landing in August will give at least a few hints as to what the future holds for the Z-Fighters.

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