Goku Admits He’s Never Kissed Anyone On ‘Dragon Ball Super’

Over the years, Dragon Ball has put forth enough info about its Saiyans to fill up entire novels. Since the alien race was introduced, fans have learned lots about its history, but the sex life of Saiyans has never been laid out in full. Still, fans just assumed Goku went about things the usual way, but the latest dubbed episode of Dragon Ball Super may prove the guess wrong.

After all, the clip sees the Saiyan admit he’s never kissed someone, and that raises a lot of questions about his love life with Chi-Chi.

As you can see above, the dub of Dragon Ball Super just got to one hilarious scene. In a recent episode, Future Trunks arrived back to his timeline with Goku and Vegeta in tow. They appear before Mai to heal here, but she is too injured to consume her senzu bean alone. Future Trunks decides to feed it to her like a bird, passing the bean through his lips. So, what follows is one hilarious reaction by Goku.

“Whoa, what was that, Trunk? You put your mouth on hers! That was so weird,” the hero says.

Naturally, Goku’s surprise has Vegeta confused, so the surly Saiyan calls him out. Vegeta asks if Goku has ever kissed someone, and the hero admits he has never done such a thing.

“No, of course not,” Goku admits. Vegeta is confounded as he points out that his friend has a wife and children. Goku says he isn’t sure what kissing has to do with having a family, and Vegeta basically explodes in embarrassment and refuses to answer any further questions about kissing.

Of course, the dub has got fans raising their own questions. Goku and Chi-Chi have two kids, and procreation usually merits a good bit of kissing. Unless the couple just do the deed straight, Goku has probably kissed Chi-Chi during whatever Saiyans do for foreplay. This means Goku calls kissing by another name or his confusion over Trunks had less to do with kissing and more to do with how he fed Mai the senzu bean.


This isn’t the first time this debate has arisen in the Dragon Ball fandom as this episode’s subbed debut sent everyone into a tizzy. For the most part, audiences seem to think Goku is confused about Trunk’s feeding method, but there is always a chance Goku still has his lips virginity. And, if that is the case, then Chi-Chi better set her man straight ASAP.

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