'Dragon Ball Super' Just Had Another Surprising Elimination

Warning! Spoilers for Episode 119 of Dragon Ball Super below!

As the Tournament of Power reached its final four universes, the stakes are higher than they've ever been. As the remaining universes give it their all, one more universe is totally defeated and thus erased from existence.

With Universes 3,4,7, and 11 remaining and only 13 minutes or so left to go, Universe 4's Quitela has his universe finally enact their plan. After managing to take down one member of Universe 7, Universe 4 was wholly defeated and erased from existence.

The episode preview for 119 teased an invisible enemy attacking Universe 7, and Universe 4's final three competitors surely gave them a ton of problems. The first of the three was the much teased invisible enemy, Gamisaras. Nearly eliminating Vegeta, Android 18, and even Gohan, Gamisaras was eventually revealed to be an invisible, chameleon like enemy who had been suppressing their Ki presence.

After Gohan unveils them by firing Ki blasts throughout the arena and covering Gamisaras on the lingering dust, Gamisaras is swiftly eliminated. Next is Shantsa, and enemy that forced Gohan and Piccolo to see illusions of their defeated Tournament foes with a third being using these illusions as cover to attack them.

Luckily, Gohan and Piccolo quickly figure out the true cause of these illusions, spot Shansa, and swiftly eliminate him as well. Leaving Universe 4's final enemy, the seemingly invisible Damon.

Piccolo is unfortunately taken by surprise, and attacks the place where he senses Damon. Missing him, Damon then sneaks up and knocks Piccolo out of the ring. Damon then attacks Android 17, 18, and Goku with a flurry of strikes and Goku wonders why they can't defeat him. 17 then figures something out and invites Damon to attack.

After some time, 17 figures out Damon is actually the size of a bug and that's why Universe 7's attacks weren't landing. With some help from Goku, Android 17 captures Damon and knocks him out of the arena as well.

With the final fighters from Universe 4 eliminated from the Tournament of Power, Universe 4 is erased from existence as Quitela refuses the turn of events. Only Universe 3, 7, and 11 left in the tournament and 12 minutes to go, and fans definitely won't miss Quitela's presence on the show.


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