'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 120 Recap With Spoilers

The episode begins with a recap of last week's events. Universe 7 defeated the remaining tricky fighters of Universe 4, but not without losing Piccolo to one of their trickier opponents. Universe 4 is subsequently erased, and the Tournament of Power is narrowed down to their final three universes, 3, 7, and 11.

Episode 120 then begins proper with the two Zen-Ohs languishing the fact that so many fighters have been eliminated from the Tournament of Power. They're both saddened by the fact that the Tournament will soon be over, but the Grand Priest comforts them by saying that the fight between the stalwarts of the three remaining universes is about to start, and that the Tournament of Power is truly going to begin.

Gohan recounts the remaining six fighters of Universe 7 and says they'll have to be a lot more careful since they still have Universe 11 to contend with. Goku and Vegeta assume they'll be the final opponents, but Gohan quickly reminds them that they still have Universe 3's and their five fighters to deal with.

Universe 3's Supreme Kai Ea celebrates this fact stating their survival tactics were correct, but Universe 3's God of Destruction Mosco says that now is their chance to strike and orders the remaining Universe 3 fighters with an alert beacon.

Dr. Paparoni of Universe 3 relays the beacon's message to the rest of the Universe 3 fighters and has the four of them attack Universe 7 since they still have the most competitors in the tournament. The ensuing strike from Universe 3 then splits up Universe 7 as Goku is tackled by Panchia, and Gohan and Vegeta are attacked by Bollarator Android 17 and 18 want to help, but are soon attacked by Viara.

When 17 and 18 blast Viara with a twin Ki blast, the two are surprised to see him get up unscathed. Nonchalantly noting that they'll "have to get serious" the two begin fighting Viara in earnest. Ea, however, laughs because Viara boasts the highest defense power in Universe 3 and will tire out any opponent he comes across before deciding to strike himself.

The episode then cuts to Vegeta and Bollarator as Bolla easily dodges Vegeta's kicks. Beerus notes that Universe 3 is reading Universe 7's movements, and Whis says it won't be easy as the remaining fighters in the Tournament have managed to survive as long as they can.

It then cuts to Goku fighting Panchia as Panchia jet propels himself toward Goku, but Goku manages to push him back. Then Koitsukai is shown scanning his and Gohan to analyze their fighting strength. Gohan uses his zoomed in view to get the jump on him and attack him with a surprise Kamehameha Wave from above. Gohan then notices that Vegeta and Goku are dodging a hail of blasts from Panchia and Bollarator.

Gohan then jumps in to save the two as says he'll fight Universe 3 alone. Tien wonders why Gohan would choose to fight alone, but Piccolo has picked up on Gohan's plan. Since Universe 11 is still waiting in the wings, Gohan wants to defeat Universe 3 himself in order to save Goku and Vegeta's stamina for the upcoming battle.

Koitsukai, Panchia, and Bollarator are seen scanning Gohan, and as soon as Gohan moves Panchia goes in to intercept and easily bats Gohan away. The three then use a coordinated attack, but Gohan reveals that he's been reading their attacks instead and counters.

The episode then cuts back to 17 and 18 fighting Viara, and he's pretty confident in his defense abilities. 17 and 18, however, continually pelt Viara with ki blasts until he is defeated. 17 jokes that standing still and absorbing their blasts was a stupid plan while 18 kicks him out of the ring. Ea wonders why they're stamina hadn't been drained and Beerus retorts with "Androids of infinite energy have unlimited stamina."

Mosco then says it's time for Universe 3's "Plan X" which Paparoni initiates. Koitsukai, Panchia and Bollarator then enter into a Voltron-esque combination sequence and emerge as a fully combined machine, Koichiarator, with functions unleashed at "1,265 percent"

Jiren comments that Universe 3 was hiding a troublesome power, while Freeza delights in the fact that things are becoming interesting as he watches from above. Mosco says Universe 3's victory is guaranteed as Kochiarator has power, speed, and defense. Gohan struggles to put a scratch on him as Koichiarator dodges every one of his attacks. After a test of strength puts Gohan on the ropes, Goku and Vegeta step in to save him.

Goku says he's recovered his stamina enough to help, and Vegeta says that they'll need thre warriors to properly take down the three warriors. The three then charge at him with full power and knock Koicharator back. Vegata and Goku then fire a Galick Gun and Kamehameha, but Koichiarator is able to counter them with a beam attack. Paparoni celebrates its strength, but soon finds out Vegeta and Goku were merely a distraction meant to give Gohan enough time to charge a Kamehameha.


Deciding not to waste the opportunity, Gohan launches a powerful wave toward the combined warrior. Koicharator manages to catch the beam and starts pushing it back, but Gohan vows that Universe 7 will win and overpowers the combined warrior. Beerus then acknowledges Gohan's strength with "Well done, kid...no...Gohan."

But Paparoni and Koichirator managed to escape being eliminated, and Paparoni smiles oddly saying that Universe 3 is about to reveal their most powerful technique yet. A mysterious purple light basks over the ring as the Tournament of Power counts down to its final ten minutes.