'Dragon Ball Super' Finale Reveals Its Special Post-Credits Surprise

This weekend, millions of fans will gather to watch the finale of Dragon Ball Super. After debuting a few years back, the TV show will come to a close with episode 131, and the must-watch event will end with something rather special. A post-credits surprise has been promised to fans, and the folks at Toei Animation have opened up about the gift.

Recently, Animate Times did a round-up of the Dragon Ball Super finale, and the site revealed what the finale episode would do for its post-credits scene. After the article went up, translators were quick to turn around the Japanese piece, and it seems fans will get a montage out of the finale and a sneak-peek about the future of Dragon Ball Super.

According to one translation, the finale episode of the TV show will share “special footage” of the film. The article asks fans to look forward to what the clip will hold, but that isn’t all. Another translator known as Herms98 on Twitter said the finale will also have a montage of the show’s best moments.

“Seems that the last episode of Super's ending theme will have some kind of special video montage, rather than the usual closing animation,” the translator shared. “Which is presumably the "something special" the producer mentioned.”


This is not the first look fans will have seen of the first Dragon Ball Super film. Earlier this week, the very first teaser for the movie went live thanks to Toei. The reel, which can be seen above, shows off the series’ all-new art style. Goku can be found preparing to fight an unknown villain, and his crisp design is minimalistic and bright. Fans were quick to rave over the teaser when it dropped, so there is no telling how Toei could show off the movie again so soon after its debut. The finale of Dragon Ball Super may just tag this first teaser to its end as a simple farewell, but fans are still crossing their fingers for just a bit more footage.

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