'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals The Real Reason Freeza Didn't Double-Cross Universe 7

When it comes to villainy, there are some rules you got to follow. You are meant to wreak havoc, [...]

When it comes to villainy, there are some rules you got to follow. You are meant to wreak havoc, cause trouble, and give the good guys a real big headache. Guys like Freeza know how it is done, but the Dragon Ball baddie did play nice with his teammates during a recent anime outing. And, thanks to the manga, fans know why Freeza didn't double-cross his foes.

So, spoilers below!

Recently, Dragon Ball Super shared its 34th chapter, and the update followed Universe 7 as they made headway in the Tournament of Power. The brisk chapter tweaked several things the arc's anime adaptation did, and it also added some much-wanted detail. So, fans are happy the manga opened up a bit more about Freeza and his plan.

The new chapter covered Freeza and his apparently team up with Frost from Universe 6. The latter managed to knock out a fair share of fighters before Freeza congratulated him, but it was all a ruse. After Freeza got his mirror comfy, he blasted Frost from the Tournament of Power. After saving a few more fighters, Freeza leveled with Gohan about his motives, and they make perfect sense in retrospect.

"Save your gratitude," Freeza tells Gohan after saving the Saiyan from elimination. "It's all for naught unless we win and survive. That's when I'll deal with you Saiyans myself."

The foreboding admission makes it clear that Freeza is only helping Universe 7 for one reason and one reason only; He doesn't care if the entire galaxy is destroyed, but he will not stand for someone else destroying the Saiyans. If anyone gets to eradicate the race in full, it will be Freeza, and that is why he is not willing to double-cross his teammates just yet. He needs to be revived to take out the Saiyans, and Freeza can only do that if Universe 7 wins under the right conditions. So, in a stunning turn of events, his evil plans first require Freeza to be a (mostly) good guy for once.

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