Dragon Ball Super Is Questioning the Top Difference Between Goku and Bardock

Dragon Ball Super has spent much of its time focusing on Goku, and the manga has no plans to shift its eye anytime soon. Sure, guys like Vegeta and Piccolo are getting a bit more time in the spotlight, but fans are still begging for more Goku at each turn. That plea is louder than ever right now as the manga's ongoing arc has ties to Bardock, and its latest update is questioning how the father-son duo differ the most.  

The whole thing comes to light courtesy of Gas if you can believe it. The awakened villain is thriving with his new power, and Goku is the only one capable of fighting at this point. Their ensuing fight is an all-out beatdown, but Gas interrupts the flow to critique Goku in light of his lineage.

"I see not even a hint of fire in your eyes, why? When it came to combat, your father's fierce resolve was like no other. I do not sense that from you," Gas shares. "I could never fall to one such as you."

Of course, Goku tries to explain the amnesia he earned as a baby, but Gas isn't interested in the excuse. The thug is certain Goku should carry the same resolve Bardock just by genetics alone. As you can guess, Goku is taken aback by the claim, but he has little time to think before the battle restarts.

It is no secret that Bardock and Goku are quite different. From their temperament to the limits of their power, the father-son duo is in different leagues altogether. Still, they share some key traits as Bardock proved he has a softer earlier in the Dragon Ball Super manga. His resolve is easier to touch as he was raised to uplift his pride and confidence much like Vegeta was. That does not come to Goku as easily, but as fans know, the hero can do just about anything with the right motivation. And after seeing what The Heeters did to Granolah, Goku isn't leaving the thugs until his resolve leaves them KO'd. 

What do you make of Gas' critique here? Do you believe Goku is missing the spark Bardock had? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.