Dragon Ball Super Fan Gives Goku Black a Samurai Makeover

Dragon Ball Super was an exciting addition to the franchise not only because it had brand new stories set in the fan-favorite universe, but added a whole lot of new ideas to the series lore. One of the biggest shifts was the introduction of the multiverse, and the franchise tested this to the limits alongside their already established roots in time travel with the Future Trunks arc. This might be divisive in terms of how it all came to an end, but fans can definitely agree that Goku Black was one of the most fun new characters ever seen in the series.

His inception might be a little more complicated than one would initially expect, but it's hard to beat just how cool of an image Goku Black Rose was when the form debuted. It's especially cooler with this slick samurai makeover from artist @kenji_893 (who you can find on Instagram here). Check it out below:

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Artist @kenji_893 has gotten a ton of attention from Dragon Ball fans in the past for their samurai inspired takes on characters like Vegeta and Cell, but those characters were clearly the preamble to this stunning take on Goku Black. Not only is it fierce, but it also catches that sense of nobility that made Goku Black such a fearsome presence in the original series. In fact, that's what made Goku Black so memorable!

Sure it was Goku's face, voice, and power, but with Zamasu fueling every one of his actions, Goku Black was one of the most intriguing villains in the franchise overall. Finally capitalizing on what fans have been wanting for a long time, this "evil Goku" was a lot more than his base description would let on. But this samurai makeover is so clean, it does make one want a whole Dragon Ball special in this style!

The Japanese-language and English dub releases of Dragon Ball Super are now complete and available to stream with FunimationNOW and Crunchyroll. Viz Media is releasing new chapters of the manga at a monthly rate that can be read entirely for free through the Shonen Jump digital library, and Dragon Ball Super's big movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Fans in Japan are also able to enjoy fresh non-canon adventures from the franchises with new episodes of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series.