Dragon Ball Super Is Poised to Revisit Bardock in New Arc

During its tenure, Dragon Ball Super has never shied away from its love of Saiyans, and Goku is proof of that by himself. The hero is just one of several Saiyans who has popped up in the series, and fans have come to love all of the new recruits. Most recently, Broly found himself flung into the canon as Dragon Ball Super explored the character on the big screen. And now, the manga's new arc is poised to revisit Bardock in a way that would make King Vegeta flinch.

The surprising tease was made recently when Dragon Ball Super put out its new manga draft. The series released a few pages of chapter 68 ahead of schedule, and its first few panels contained a flashback. It was there fans watched as Frieza and his minions took over a planet long ago, and a Great Ape was shown in battle who looks familiar.

After all, the ape is shown with a unique scar on its face. The mark has only ever been seen on one person before now, and you guessed it! That person is none other than Bardock. Dragon Ball Super fans are convinced this Great Ape is Bardock once he has transformed, but his facial scar made it through the ordeal. And if this is the case, Goku is in trouble.

It seems the manga's new villain had their race wiped out by the Saiyans in this raid, and Granolah is holding a grudge. If the man discovers Goku is Bardock's son, you can bet no one on Earth will be safe as our villain will seek revenge tenfold. But if Granolah hopes to make a dent in Goku, well - he better have some power that outperforms Ultra Instinct!


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