Dragon Ball Super Sets Up a Villain Stronger Than Freeza

Dragon Ball has some serious love for Freeza, and it is hard to miss if you know anything about the franchise. Time and again, the baddie has been brought to life in some way after being defeated by Goku. Of course, this has made Freeza one of the most powerful foes in the franchise, and it seems the manga has someone in mind to challenge Freeza.

The challenger made his appearance recently when Dragon Ball Super put out its new chapter. It was there fans were united with the Heeter gang once more, and Elec outed one of his family members. The leader told Gas his potential is far from realized as he is the only Heeter who may be able to surpass Freeza.

dragon ball super

"Your moment to fight has yet to come," Elec tells the younger fighter. "Listen, you're the only member of this family who can surpass Freeza himself."

As you can tell, Gas is more powerful than we ever expected, and this announcement is a big one to make. Elec has said before that Gas is the strongest of the gang, and fans have only seen a fraction of his skill to date. For now, Elec wants to keep Gas protected in case they need him to strong-arm Freeza, so fans are very eager to see him fight. And if he proves to be a bigger challenge than Freeza, you can bet Goku will want to fight. After all, the Saiyan has thrashed the tyrant tons of times, and he is always on the lookout for new opponents to fight. But if Gas is stronger than the classic villain, Goku is going to have his new Ultra Instinct powers put to the test.


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