Dragon Ball Super Just Reached a New Ultra Instinct Milestone

Dragon Ball Super knows if there is one thing Goku can always do, it is finding a way to get even stronger. The hero has proven his ability to overcome limits time and again, so this is no surprise. In fact, Goku showed the world he's still got it when he tapped into Ultra Instinct for the first time, and it seems he has hit a new milestone with the power.

The whole thing happened this week when Dragon Ball Super went live with a new chapter. It was there Whis sat his student down, and Goku was given a much-needed lesson. The angel explained Goku's next goal with Ultra Instinct is to use it without undergoing a form change, and well - it seems the Saiyan has nailed it.

dragon ball super

By the middle of chapter 71, fans are reunited with Goku during a training montage. It seems to have taken some months, but Goku has managed to summon Ultra Instinct without changing forms. This will not only help Goku conserve his stamina in battle, but it makes him much more nimble overall on the field. This is shown as Whis tries to attack Goku at random, but the Saiyan dodges his staff at every turn.

Clearly, Goku has gotten better at controlling his emotions, and Whis seems pleased with his progress. Of course, there is no way of knowing how confident Goku is with this new skill of his. He may only be able to use Ultra Instinct to a limited degree in his base form, but it is an accomplishment nonetheless. Now, fans are eager to see this skill get used in practice, and Granolah will most certainly be the first villain to make Goku go on the defensive.


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