Dragon Ball Super Okays Timeskip in Latest Chapter

Dragon Ball Super has been introducing a lot of interesting new concepts with the new saga of Granolah The Survivor Arc, and the latest chapter of the manga has once again decided to implement a "time skip" that sees Goku and Vegeta undergoing some intense training methods. With Goku now having mastery of Ultra Instinct and Vegeta attempting to learn the ways of a "God of Destruction" under the tutelage of Beerus, the elements are being put into place that will see the two Saiyans coming face to face with the intergalactic bounty hunter who has a serious ax to grind.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga, Chapter 71, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article.

Timeskips can sometimes be a little tough to keep track of in the world of Dragon Ball, especially when it comes to Saiyans who age differently from the human race. As is stated in this latest installment, Goku and Vegeta have been training on the planet of Beerus and Whis for months, with each of the Saiyans having their own unique paths to gain new power in anticipation of their next fight. With Goku, the Saiyan is attempting to access the power of Ultra Instinct without considering it a "transformation" as Vegeta is attempting to learn how to harness the power of the gods of destruction.

Dragon Ball Super TimeSkip
(Photo: Shueisha & Toei Animation)

Readers learn that Goku and Vegeta have been training on Beerus' planet for months following the conclusion of the Moro Arc, attempting to prepare themselves for yet unknown battles, as the Heeters make their way to Earth under a banner of peace. Running into Goku's wife, Chi Chi, the family of criminals begins to set up their plan to have the Saiyans defeat Granolah, so that they can overtake Freeza's criminal empire for themselves.

Of course, Goku and Vegeta certainly don't have this in the bag as it stands, as Granolah has used his planet's Dragon Balls to become the "strongest being in the universe", which should make for quite the battle when the fireworks begin. Dragon Ball Super has yet to confirm when its anime will return for a new season, but there is now plenty of material to cover from the storylines of the manga.


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