Dragon Ball Super Explains the First Step of Vegeta's Yardrat Training

Dragon Ball Super chapter 53 is now out, and the manga is rapidly setting the stage for an [...]

Dragon Ball Super chapter 53 is now out, and the manga is rapidly setting the stage for an exciting finale to the current "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc. Admittedly, most of Dragon Ball Super chapter 53 takes a break from the main storyline of Goku and Vegeta's battle with ancient evil sorcerer Moro, in order to explore what's happening with the rest of the Z-Fighters on Earth, as Moros forces close in. However, the issue ends with a much-needed check-in with both Goku and Vegeta - and in the case of the latter, we get one major reveal concerning what Vegeta has to do to master the game-changing techniques of the Planet Yardrat!

In short: Vegeta must achieve a level of spiritual balance that's going to be quite a challenge for the Prince of Saiyans to achieve!

Dragon Ball Super chapter 52 took us back to Planet Yardrat, where we last Vegeta in the care of Yardrat's elder, Pybara, who had revealed that Goku mastered Instant Transmission by learning the secret of all Yardrat special techniques: total spirit control. Only by mastering one's spirit (or "chi") can a warrior hope to affect their physical body through things like transportation, size changing, or making copies of oneself.

Well, in the final scene of Dragon Ball Super chapter 53, we see just how Vegeta is beginning his training in Spirit Control: the Saiyan Prince is seen balancing himself atop a massive spiked spire, which he must hold onto using his feet. Vegeta is shown to be in deep concentration, while Pybara and the Yardratian aid who led Vegeta to him, are shown to be happily and effortlessly balancing away atop similar spikes. Vegeta's air of zen-like calm doesn't last long (shocker!), as the hot-blooded Saiyan has a few questions about how many days of this he has to do. Vegeta doesn't get the answer he hoped for, as Pybara informs him that, "Your spirit is even less stabilized than Goku's was. First you must achieve balance in body and mind. By the way, Goku was up there for 150 days."

That answer doesn't really sit well with Vegeta (double shocker!), who ends the issue with the proclamation that "I'm starting to regret ever coming to this rock..." After all, time is running out on Earth, as some of Moro's worst forces - and the villain himself - are now headed for Goku and Vegeta's homeworld. Vegeta has ten days to do what Goku did in 150 - but then, matching Goku's achievement in quicker time is what Vegeta does best!

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