Dragon Ball Super Just Let Goku Drop a Rare Insult

Dragon Ball Super is moving forward with its manga while things behind-the-scenes focus on its [...]

Dragon Ball Super is moving forward with its manga while things behind-the-scenes focus on its upcoming movie. While its animated comeback waits for us in the future, the manga is hitting readers each month with big updates on Goku. Right now, the fighter is out cold after picking a fight with Granolah, and his latest bout of training has come under fire amidst it all.

The whole ordeal came to light when Dragon Ball Super put out its newest chapter this month. The update checked in on Goku as he continued his one-on-one battle with Granolah, and the villain wasn't bluffing about his power. Goku found himself digging deep to counter his opponent, and he took a rare jab at his training when Granolah managed to prevail regardless.

goku dragon ball super

"Ultra Instinct should have no weaknesses. If anything is lacking, it's gotta be my training. I'm not used to using Ultra Instinct as a Super Saiyan, so I'm still vulnerable," Goku admitted to himself and his foe.

This admission is an unusual one given Goku's confidence. The hero trained for quite some time with Whis to fully integrate Ultra Instinct with his Saiyan forms. Despite all that work, Goku hasn't totally mastered the ability, and he is blaming himself for the failure. The confession also shows how frustrated Goku has become with the battle as he admits he'll have to use his full Ultra Instinct form soon.

"This guy's strength and moves are off the charts. I might actually have to go all out," Goku tells Vegeta at one point.

Despite his training to reach a new level of Ultra Instinct, Goku is forced to revert to his Mastered UI form despite his stamina drain. The power boost fails to take down Granolah thanks to one of the opponent's hidden techniques. Clearly, Goku has a way to go before he can beat Granolah, but time is not on their side. The hero is KO'd for now while Vegeta prepares to fight the Cerealian, but the interlude might not last long enough for Goku to recenter himself for round two.

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