Dragon Ball Super Manga Sees Goku and Vegeta Get into an Epic Gang Brawl

The villainous Moro once again turned the battle against Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu and the Galactic Patrol in his favor in the latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapter, leading to one of the most unique fight scenes of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc.

The issue kicked off with every convict inside the Galactic Prison being set free when the barriers on their cells disappeared. It's then revealed that Moro, who previously broke out of the prison, used his third wish on the Namekian Dragon Balls to free the prisoners in order for them to serve under him. The small army of convicts quickly arrives and almost immediately get a power up thanks to Moro's energy manipulation magic.

This leads to Goku, Vegeta and Buu trying to fight off wave after wave of attackers, only for their power to quickly drop as Moro once again starts absorbing energy from the planet.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

Goku launches himself towards Moro to try and stop his absorbing attack, but drops from Super Saiyan God to Super Saiyan 3 almost instantly, making him helpless against Moro's new right-hand man Saganbo.

The heroes get a bit of help from Merus and Jaco, but the group continues to be woefully outnumbered by the prisoners. Goku and Merus eventually decide for everyone to retreat back to Galactic Patrol HQ, which everyone agrees to except for Vegeta. The Prince of All Saiyans instead escapes the planet on Merus' ship and orders Irico to drive the ship towards Planet Yardrat, where Goku famously learned the Instant Transmission technique after surviving the explosion of the original Namek.


With his full power restored and a small army at his disposal, Moro now poses a threat to the entire galaxy. Given his grudge against the Galactic Patrol, it's highly likely he'll attempt to attack their headquarters in the near future.

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