Dragon Ball Super Shares Disappointing Update on Trunks, Goten

Dragon Ball Super is at it again. If you did not know, the series is still pushing forward with its manga, and the series is ready to take on another arc. After doing a little prologue story, the Dragon Ball Super manga is going to give its own take on the anime's 'Super Hero' arc. But despite fan pleas, Dragon Ball Super is moving forward with its new arc without two top fighters. 

The update comes from the latest post on the Official Dragon Ball site. It was there drafts from the manga's next release were shared. Dragon Ball personality Victory Uchida confirmed a little fact about the manga's new arc, and it is that Goten and Trunks are stepping out of the limelight.

"Goten and Trunks step out of the spotlight," the host shared when speaking about the new Dragon Ball Super arc, "while Gohan and Piccolo make an appearance." This description proved true as the drafts for chapter 91 don't check in on Goten or Trunks. So after a short prologue, the two Saiyans have been put back on the shelf.

Of course, the decision to bench the two heroes makes some sense. Goten and Trunks do play a role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but it is secondary to what Gohan and Piccolo do. In fact, even Pan's role comes ahead of the boys. When Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero went live, audiences admitted they wanted to see more of the friends, so the manga fed them well with its prologue. But rather than carry the Saiyans through its new arc, the Dragon Ball Super manga will expand its 'Super Hero' story without the two.

Hopefully, the manga will take time to flesh out pieces of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero we didn't see on screen. The drafts for chapter 91 hint as much will happen, but consistency will be key. The Dragon Ball Super manga has to shake up its movie arc to keep fans interested in a story they've already seen on screen. And if Goten won't cause such chaos with Trunks, Gohan needs to step up. We'll find out soon enough as Shonen Jump will kickstart this Dragon Ball arc in a matter of days. 

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