Dragon Ball Super Explains Why Granolah's Past Was Kept Secret

An early look at Dragon Ball Super's next chapter explains why Granolah's past was kept a secret from him! The Granolah the Survivor arc has revealed itself to be far more complicated than it had seemed at first glance as now that the fight against the titular Granolah has come to an end, the real villain of the arc has begun to fully reveal themselves. While fans had been privy to the fact that the Heeters have been planning something in the background, the previous chapter of the series had them finally make their move. 

But Granolah had also found out with the previous chapter that the Heeters were actually the ones who had killed his mother, and it wasn't actually the Saiyans like Monaito had told him. Monaito had been keeping the fact that Bardock had saved him as a child completely secret from Granolah, and the first look at Chapter 78 of the series explains why Monaito felt like he had to continue telling such a massive lie to Granolah throughout his life and bubbling this grudge from within him. 

As the first draft pages for Chapter 78 of the series reveal, the Heeters were definitely successful in finding both of Monaito's Dragon Balls and are getting ready to summon the dragon and make their wish. As Monaito keeps telling Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta about Bardock's role in their past, Monaito also explains why he was lying to Granolah for so long. As he reveals, working with the Heeters (as we saw at the beginning of the arc) was the only real way to help keep them alive. 

There's still some gaps that need to be filled about Granolah's past, but it seems that Monaito's lie to the young Cerealian was the way for them to keep living with the Heeters overseeing them but without drawing unnecessary attention. Monaito had seen what the Heeters were capable of before, and felt the best way to protect both he and the young Granolah was to continue living under their threat. But now that Granolah knows all of this, the question is what is he going to do about it. 

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