Dragon Ball Super Reveals Merus' Final Wish to Goku

Dragon Ball Super knows a thing about sacrifices, and its heroes are left to pick up the pieces. While many of the story's deaths tend to be retconned, some are permanent. Android 16 illustrates such a death in the canon, and thanks to a new chapter of Dragon Ball Super, another such death seems to have arrived with a special final request.

If you have read chapter 63 of the manga, you will know the death in question. The update began with Merus standing before Moro in battle, and the angel was quick to confront the baddie. In fact, Moro had no idea what was coming when Merus began landing blows, and Goku was stunned to see his mentor on Earth.

As the battle continued, it became apparent that Merus was willing to die to cripple Moro, and that is what he did. Any angel who interferes with mortals for too long is destined to disappear, and that is what happened to the boy. Goku was left staring in horror as Merus began to fade away from existence. And in his final moments, the angel shared his final wish with Goku.

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"You will not fall to Moro nor to anyone else for that matter. I've come to love this galaxy. Please protect it all," Merus said.


The angel's death left Goku immensely update, and the death is sure to trigger the power boost he needs to fully master Ultra Instinct. But unlike Krillin's impact on Super Saiyan, fans are fairly certain Merus is gone for good. His final request asks Goku to protect the universe in his stead since Merus will no longer be around to help the Galactic Patrol. And if Goku agrees to see out this request, fans could see a marked change in Dragon Ball Super's direction moving forward.

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