Dragon Ball Super Reveals a Unique Angel Ability

Dragon Ball Super has become a high point for fans during their 2020 quarantines. Despite the show being off air, the title continues to thrive in print thanks to its manga. These days, the arc going on within the manga has got fans pressed, and it just shared a unique bit of information about the angels we have come to know so well.

The start of chapter 63 saw Merus pit himself against Moro, and the baddie had no idea what was about to happen. Moro was certain he could take down Merus with no issue, but the angel surprised him with his strength. The pair only exchange a few blows before Moro gets his butt kicked, and it is there he makes a keen observation about Merus.

"I sense no life energy in you yet I did earlier. Was that mere camouflage," Moro notes.

Dragon Ball Super Merus Reveals Angelic Powers

Merus is not one to answer such a question, but it seems Moro was right with his observation. Merus is able to totally camouflage his power. It seem the angel can make it appear as if he has energy or not. This is helpful as it allowed Merus to blend in with the Galactic Patrol, but it gives fans further insight into how different angels are.


After all, the deities are insanely powerful, and they know it. Not even Beerus is as strong as Whis, but he has learned similar techniques to the angel. That is surely why Moro did not notice the pair from a distance. After all, Beerus and Whis came to Earth along with Merus, but they never even registered to Moro. It seems unlikely such a tough villain would overlook their energy signatures... that is, unless there was no signature to spot. Merus is not the only one who can camouflage their powers, and that ability has helped more than a few angels out.

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