Dragon Ball Super Reveals Why Beerus Still Saves Goku and Friends

Dragon Ball Super knows a thing or three about last-minute saves. Goku always seems to be around when someone is in trouble, and the hero is beloved for the knack. Of course, there are other fighters out there who don't mind throwing their power around, and a new update has revealed the real reason Beerus keeps saving Goku's people.

The revelation came in chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super. The update followed Moro as the baddie started fighting Merus. The angel gave the villain a run for his money when they began exchanging blows, but Whis and Beerus were nowhere to be found. When they were spotted, Beerus had food on his mind, and he told Whis the only thing keeping him tied to Earth is its food.

"You said we were coming to Earth to eat some delicious stuff! Preserving Earth's gourmet goodies is the only reason I ever save those idiots," the God of Destruction shared.

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Of course, Whis is not surprised by the big reveal. The angel knows Beerus better than the god would ever admit. That is why Whis used Earth's food to lure Beerus to the planet. His plan allowed Merus to sneak up on Moro even at the cost of his life. After all, any angel who interferes with mortals is erased from existence, and Whis knew that well. Still, he decided Merus was worth the sacrifice is it meant Goku lived, and fans are curious what kind of consequences this decision will have later on in Dragon Ball Super.

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