Dragon Ball Super Art Imagines Moro's New Form in Color

Dragon Ball Super recently debuted a brand new form for Planet Eater Moro with the latest chapter [...]

Dragon Ball Super recently debuted a brand new form for Planet Eater Moro with the latest chapter of the series, and fans have been taking it into their own hands to depict how the new villain's form might look like in full color. The Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has been one of the most popular in the series to date simply because it has extended the story far beyond the TV anime series and Dragon Ball Super: Broly, so fans have been asking for more of the anime ever since to see what Moro and others will look like in motion.

Planet Eater Moro started out the arc as one of the more unique villains of the series, but his current form (that sprang about as a result of devouring the killer android Seven-Three) made him more humanoid like the other villains. But it turns out that this form just needs some further tweaking with additional smaller details. Maybe even color?

Artist @jzfcGCSR81DQvkU on Twitter does just that will not only a color imagining of what this form would look like in the anime, but gives it a bit of an upgrade with a few more details that have yet to be seen in the original version. It does make it look like a more complete version of this current fused form. You can check it out below and decide for yourself too:

As Moro began to grow more desperate in the fight against Vegeta (who managed to pick up a new move after training on Yardrat for a few months), he resorted to fusing himself with Seven-Three. Noting that he left a "backup" of himself in the Android, Moro devouring the robot whole and sprouted a whole new look. This also gave him a huge boost in power, and abilities that we'll begin to see more of as the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc continues.

What version of Moro's new form do you prefer? What do you think of his Seven-Three fusion form overall? Which version of Moro do you like best in Dragon Ball Super? His older version, his prime, or his fusion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!