‘Dragon Ball Super’ Hints At The Universe 6 Namekians' True Power

Dragon Ball Super introduced its twin universes awhile ago, but the series is only now exploring [...]

Dragon Ball Super introduced its twin universes awhile ago, but the series is only now exploring one of its most anticipated facets. After introducing the Saiyans of Universe 6 to Goku, its Nemkians will soon let loose against Piccolo. And, thanks to a new preview, fans feel confident they know the truth strength of the Universe 6 fighters.

This weekend, Dragon Ball Super released its 117th episode, and a preview for next week's release was tagged to the episode. The clip for episode 118 was kept short in Japan, but a longer preview was shown on streaming sites like Crunchyroll. It is in the latter reel that fans are given a hint about the Namekians of Universe 6.

As you can see above, the clip shows Gohan and Piccolo going up against fighters Saoneru and Pirina. The two Namekians are the only fighters left representing Universe 6, and they look rather determined to beat the Universe 7 team. The reel shows the duo fighting levelly with Piccolo, but things get complicated after the team powers up.

In one scene, Saoneru and Pirina are shown powering up with a white-blue aura. The follow two scenes then show a hoard of faceless Namekians standing in a blacked-out room. The characters' are only seen in outline, and their eyes glow a bright red. After the scenes pass, the reel focuses in on one of the Universe 6 fighters regenerating as Piccolo looks shocked from afar.

If the scene sounds like a familiar one, then you probably know what a Namekian Fusion is. The technique was revealed in Dragon Ball Z thanks to Piccolo. The fighter absorbs two Namekians in the series, and Piccolo's fusion with Nail and Kami make him unbelievably powerful. The assimilation is a permanent one that combines the characters in every way, and the technique's trademark coloration comes in the form of a white-blue aura.

Thanks to Dragon Ball Super's preview, fans are all but certain that the Universe 6 Namekians have fused before. The mysterious Namekians seen hidden in the shadows may be the fighters which Saoneru and Pirina assimilated with back in Universe 6. There is no telling why or how the men did the technique, but that many fusions will surely give the fighters a needed boot against Piccolo and Gohan. If the duo are lucky, they may even take out one of the Universe 7 warriors thanks to their fusion-friendly offense before the anime demands they get eliminated.

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