Dragon Ball Creator Reveals Biggest Concern With Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's Release

Dragon Ball Super's original creator has revealed their thoughts following Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's worldwide release, and opened up about what they feared during the initial pitch for the movie's new story! One of the most exciting aspects about the film outside of Gohan and Piccolo being at the center of the action is the fact that it's the first new anime release since Dragon Ball Super: Broly hit theaters four long years ago. It's also got a much different story than seen in that film, and the original creator Akira Toriyama was worried earlier on that it wouldn't have the same amount of impact.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero might be taking over box offices around the world, but it also notably has a much less outwardly explosive story than seen in the anime's past. As Toriyama had revealed in a special statement celebrating the worldwide release of the new movie, one of the creator's initial worries early on was that smaller scale story and largely removing Goku and Vegeta from the equation would make the action more subdued overall compared to previous works. But that worry went away when he got to see it in motion. 

(Photo: Toei Animation)

"Considering how they gone to universe and other such large-scale stages, I thought I'd return to my roots and have the story take place on Earth in a small area," Toriyama explained. "Not only that, but the enemy is the Red Ribbon Army, an enemy that wasn't very impactful back when I originally created the series. Plus, Goku and Vegeta aren't even the main characters. I believed I managed to make the story interesting, but I was constantly worried that perhaps I'd made it a little too subdued." 

But with the staff of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero led by director Tetsuro Kodama, Toriyama's worries were put to bed as he noted, "And then came Director Kodama and the talented animation staff. They took a relatively small-scale story-- compared to the recent Dragon Ball world -- and with their unparalleled sense and latest visuals, made it an unprecedented and amazing movie!" If the response from fans has been anything to go by, Toriyama never had anything to really worry about in the first place

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