Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Gets Its Own Honest Trailer

They've done it again. After months of pleading, the team at Screen Junkies just gifted fans with a video they've been waiting on pins and needles for. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero just got its own Honest Trailer and honestly? It manages to both give Piccolo the credit he deserves while roasting him into the next life.

As you can see above, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero isn't taken lightly in this Honest Trailer. The Screen Junkies team comments on every part of the film from Gohan's comeback to the return of Cell. Of course, it gives way to tons of zingers along the way as Screen Junkies accurately says Dragon Ball characters raised some fans more than their own parents did. And if you are Gohan, well – you can relate to that sentiment.

Of course, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has been out for a long time, but its home video only went live recently. You can buy Blu-ray, DVD, or even digital copies at your go-to retailer. As for the movie itself, the flick went live last August in the United States. Originally, the Dragon Ball movie hit Japan in June 2022 after being pushed from its April 2022 date.

For those who aren't familiar with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the movie has made plenty of cash since its theatrical debut. The movie grossed nearly $87 million USD globally, making it the second-highest-grossing Dragon Ball feature to date. At this time, Toei Animation has not announced a new anime project that will follow this flick, but Dragon Ball fans are eager to see Goku on the screen once more.

After all, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero did not have much to do with Goku or Vegeta. The movie kept its focus on Earth as Piccolo and Gohan heeded the call to stop the Red Ribbon Army. When two androids make themselves known to the Z-Fighters, everyone's world is turned upside down as their arrival confirms the Red Ribbon Army is back. Things get worse when Pan is kidnapped by the organization, and Gohan is forced to reach new heights with Piccolo to rescue his daughter.

Currently, Dragon Ball fans can revisit the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero story thanks to the manga. Following a short prologue, the Dragon Ball manga is now tackling the movie's arc with artist Toyotaro, so you can keep up with the story through MangaPlus. New chapters of Dragon Ball Super go live monthly!

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