Dragon Ball Super Teases New Kind of Hakai Technique

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 put Vegeta's new training as a Destroyer God to the test in battle [...]

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 put Vegeta's new training as a Destroyer God to the test in battle against Granolah, the new warrior that is making his presence felt in the universe. The battle between Vegeta and Granolahwas brutal, as Granolah has used a new set of Dragon Balls to transform himself into the strongest warrior in the universe. Against that kind of power, Vegeta's evolved Super Saiyan forms weren't enough - and even Goku's fully-mastered Ultra Instinct failed to take Granolah down. However, Vegeta doesn't rely on pure power to win the fight - and part of his strategy may involve using a new kind of Hakai technique!

During Dragon Ball Super's battle between Granolah and Vegeta, Granolah takes aim at Vegeta using his Cerelian abilities for pinpoint aim and sniping. Granolah fires barrages of ki blasts at Vegeta, setting the Saiyan Prince up for a final ultimate strike. Just when Vegeta thinks he's out of range, Granolah uses a long-range sniper rifle-style ki blast to take Vegeta out in one shot of pinpointed energy. The blast is dead-on, and it's powerful enough that Vegeta can't hold it or redirect it away.

Instead of using the traditional Dragon Ball means of dealing with a massive energy attack, Vegeta employs a new sort of technique: while trying to hold Granolah's ki blast at bay, Vegeta uses some kind of squeezing motion with his hands to annihilate Granolah's blast! Even Granolah is impressed with Vegeta's technique, stating "Surprising. You people are far stronger than I expected."

Dragon Ball Super Teasaes New Hakai Technique Power 74 Spoilers

It's not explicitly spelled out that Vegeta applies the God of Destruction Hakai (or "Destruction") technique in this unique kind of way - but it's hard to put such a move past Vegeta. While Goku has always been able to break into new forms and levels of power first, Vegeta has always been the better student and battle strategist. In the last arcs of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta has learned the technique of Spirit Control on Planet Yardrat, and turned it into a battle technique that can siphon energy from foes and break fusions; now Beerus has handed him the physical and mental tools to master a Destroyer's power.

While Dragon Ball fans have always assumed that would lead to Vegeta becoming Universe 7's next God of Destruction, the Saiyan warrior could take that power in a very different direction.

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