Dragon Ball Super: Can Vegeta Actually Beat Granolah?

Can Vegeta actually beat Granolah in their pivotal upcoming battle? Just asking for Dragon Ball [...]

Can Vegeta actually beat Granolah in their pivotal upcoming battle? Just asking for Dragon Ball Super fans, everywhere! The latest arc of Super has introduced Granolah, the last survivor of the Cerealian race, a unique race of warriors wiped out by Freeza and the Saiyan Great Apes. In true Dragon Ball tradition, Granolah seeks to get vengeance on the two Saiyans left around, Goku and Vegeta. Goku battled Granolah using all of his new Ultra Instinct powers but only succeeded in defeating the Cerealians trick clone body before being taken out. Now Vegeta has stepped up to fight Granolah, and has pushed his limits all the way to unlocking a new form!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Manga Spoilers Follow!

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74, Vegeta and Granolah get in some hard rounds of battle. Granolah has used the Dragon Balls of Planet Cereal to make himself the strongest warrior in the universe - a challenge that Vegeta readily accepts. However, like Goku, even Vegeta's recent power boost from god-level training isn't enough to take down Granolah, but Vegeta isn't relying on power to do the job, anyway. The Saiyan Prince knows more about battle tactics than Granolah has ever learned - including how to pace himself in battle and use his experience to win out over strength.

And yet, even with superior strategy, Vegeta cannot best Granolah, and soon finds himself getting struck by one of the Cerealian's signature vital points strike. But unlike Goku, Vegeta doesn't go down when Granolah strikes a key vital point in his abdomen - instead, the near-death experience pushes Vegeta to a place where all that's left is surviving in battle and the annihilation of his enemy. In short, Vegeta unlocks the power of a Destroyer God!

Dragon Ball Super 74 Spoilers 75 Preview Vegeta vs Granolah Winner

The question now is whether or not Vegeta's new God of Destruction form will be enough to take down Granolah.

There's been a lot of question about what the nature of Granolah's Dragon Ball wish truly means, in its finer points. The idea of there being the strongest warrior in the universe is such a relative one, as the title only reflects a hierarchy of power that shifts and changes all the time. Warriors break limits and reach new levels, and it's not yet clear if Granolah's wish shifts his powers in accordance with how other warriors are evolving. If not, then the Destroyer power that Vegeta has unlocked could be enough to bring down the Cerealian.

Of course, there's also evidence that Granolah is copying the powers of other warriors, as he's used the techniques of several other characters (like Freeza) in battle with Goku and Vegeta. It could be a hint that Granolah's wish somehow grants him an awareness of, and access to, the techniques of other warriors. If that's the case, then Vegeta's new Destroyer evolution could end up being his very undoing.

...Because we know that Dragon Ball never really lets Vegeta get the big win...

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