Dragon Ball Super Cliffhanger Teases a Superhero Plot Twist

Dragon Ball Super is now working its way through a new arc focusing on Trunks and Goten as high school superheroes, and the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the series is teasing more of a twist from the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero feature film! With the latest arc of the manga giving fans some of the events leading into the movie, there have been some major inclusions to the series from the film such as the scientist Dr. Hedo. It was teased that fans will see how he eventually goes to prison, and it seems like part of this will be in due to his new interest in Trunks. 

Dragon Ball Super's new Super Hero arc has been spending its first chapters fleshing out the newest status quo of the series on Earth while Goku and Vegeta are currently training following their fight with Black Frieza, and along with introducing the movie foe Dr. Hedo to the events of the manga, the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the series is also teasing that it's Trunks' fault that we eventually see the androids Gamma 1 and 2 in the movie. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

What is Next in Dragon Ball Super's Super Hero Arc? 

Chapter 89 of Dragon Ball Super sees Dr. Hedo take a particular interest in Trunks when he starts to display his power at school. Sending out an Android of his own to steal back the disc that had been taken from him before, Trunks soon intervenes and takes down both this android and Dr. Hedo's other machines without much trouble. But seeing Trunks and Goten's superheroes in action during the fight only inspires Hedo even more in his own efforts. 

Though he still views the heroes as villains, Dr. Hedo is inspired by them so much that he wants to incorporate a red cape (much like Gamma 1 as seen in the movie) and make new androids faster and stronger than the two Saiyaman heroes. It remains to be seen as whether or not the androids will make their debut in the manga soon, maybe as a prelude to their eventual fights in the movie, but it would go far in giving this current arc a major shot in the foot. 

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