Here's What Ultra Instinct Broly Could Look Like In 'Dragon Ball'

Broly may not have any business with Dragon Ball Super, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t dream about the Saiyan jumping into the series. Fan artist have been all too eager to envision what Broly could look like if he were go to Super Saiyan God or Super Saiyan Blue, so it was a matter of time until Ultra Instinct got its turn.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super shared a new form of Goku’s when the hero went up against Jiren. The Saiyan may have lost his match against the Universe 11 fighter, but Goku got to experience the godly power that comes with Ultra Instinct. So, it is only fair for Broly to get a go.

Over on Reddit, several fan-art pieces of Broly going Ultra Instinct have convinced the fandom the non-canon villain would suit the form. As you can see above, Broly was inked by DiegoGoku92 in the Ultra Instinct form without his Legendary Super Saiyan form to bulk him up. The villain looks intense with his unbound hair and ripped uniform flowing, so fans would not want to mess with Broly in this state.

Broly limit breaker (by diegoku92) from dbz

And, as you may have guessed, the baddie only gets more terrifying when he adds Ultra Instinct to his LSSJ form. Razem Art did a mock-up of how the combination may look, and Broly’s hulking form looks 900% more terrifying when he has silver eyes happening.

Limit Breaker Broly by Razem Art from dbz

Of course, Broly has yet to try on the Ultra Instinct form in any official capacity, but fans of the character can dream. The villain has not been used in any of the franchise’s films as of late, but Broly continues to make appearances in games and park attractions.

After all, Broly did get to power up into a Super Saiyan God in one of Dragon Ball’s recent theme park collaborations. The series got a 4D attraction at Universal Studios Japan, and it saw SSB Goku and Vegeta go up against Broly once the villain disrupted them with his own SSG transformation.


So, what do you think? Would you like to see Broly gain the Ultra Instinct form in a movie one day? Hit us up on Twitter @ComicBook or @MeganPetersCB to let us know!

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