'Dragon Ball Super' Fans Think Vegeta's Royal Roots Are Showing

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Dragon Ball Super's latest episodes have made Vegeta fans very happy, as the Saiyan prince finally got off of the sidelines and took center stage in the Tournament of Power. Vegeta's battles against Jiren have pushed him to unlock a new transformation, inspired entirely by his Saiyan pride and connection to Universe 6.

After seeing the way Vegeta is rapidly evolving, fans have started buzzing with theories about what's going on with his character. Here's a particularly good breakdown from Reddit:

"I've read a few comments and reviews about how Vegeta's promise made to Cabba is less meaningful than his new born baby. I just want to say that's bullshit, it's not about which is more meaningful it's about Vegetas overall development as a character.

Vegeta was a Prince long before he was ever a family man. So I think it makes sense that he's finally living up to his title, I mean when has Vegeta ever acted like a leader of his race? Not till he met Cabba that's for sure, Piccolo even acknowledges this. His relationship and his pledge isn't just about Cabba it's about the Saiyan race as a whole.

I think we can all agree Vegeta needs another goal, we already know he has a deep love for his family. We've literally been spoiled by copious amounts of Vegebul scenes and scenes with his kids. Don't get me started about Toyotaro and manga Vegeta cause holy shit I love it. My point is his development as a father and husband has been established for a long time now. It's time for Vegeta to move on to the the next phase of his development. Enter Prince Vegeta.

Cabba vs Vegeta set the tone for this transition, Vegeta in the Black arc continued to cement the pride he has for his race. But Vegetas speech in ep. 122 was pivotal:

"Indeed, I am arrogant. But. to me, that's precisely what my pride as a Saiyan is!" "I can never throw away who I am!" "Kakarot can have his ultra instinct, I'll defeat you in my own way Jiren."

Not only has he accepted his true nature as a Saiyan but he did it in a way without pushing his loved ones to the side or becoming the ruthless warrior he used to be. I thought that was huge for him. Now in 123 we finally start seeing Vegetas royal transition come full circle by promising to revive the erased Saiyans and breaking through his shell.

I believe there is a reason why none of the main characters have had any significant thought of their families getting erased yet. That's because there is some peace in knowing that you and your loved ones will be painlessly erased together by the highest deity. Android 17 basically says this in the manga. "If we all get erased together, that's just how it goes."

Cabba and the U6 saiyans are already gone and he has to live with that right now, even if U7 wins there is still not a guarantee that he will be the one to make a wish with the super dragon balls. If they lose well guess what? he won't have to live with that cause no afterlife, just a sweet release.

Wrapping up/TLDR: Vegetas refreshed pride for the Saiyan race is just as important as his love for his family and it makes perfect sense for the Royal Prince to be activated by these thoughts. We're finally entering an era where Vegeta is truly developing in all areas of his character."

All of this makes perfect sense. Dragon Ball Super has been laying the breadcrumbs this turn in Vegeta's character as far back as the Tournament of Destruction, when he first met Cabba and learned that the Saiyan homeworld of Sadala still exists in Universe 6. The reveal that the Universe 6 Saiyans are more peaceful and heroic no doubt had an effect on Vegeta, as well.

"The Future Trunks Saga" also transformed Vegeta, giving him much deeper family roots than he ever had before. It's those attachments to Bulma, his son Trunks, and daughter Bulla that pushed Vegeta to battle his hardest in the Tournament of Power - and now he's added the existence of an entire Saiyan race on shoulders, thanks to his oath to Cabba to bring back Universe 6. While there's still the possibility that Vegeta has selfish ulterior motives for a Super Dragon Balls wish, there's just as much reason to believe in his heroic upturn.

All of this is to say: there's more reason than ever to love Vegeta right now! And by the time the battle with Jiren and the Tournament of Power are both over, we'll probably be even more enamored with the Prince of Saiyans.

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