Dragon Ball Super: Why Freeza Needs to Appear In Its New Arc

Dragon Ball Super's new arc 'Granolah the Survivor' has been doing some heavy lifting in terms of [...]

Dragon Ball Super's new arc "Granolah the Survivor" has been doing some heavy lifting in terms of how it expands the past and present mythos of Dragon Ball, while also setting the stage for some big future developments. At the center of the arc is the titular Granolah, one of the last survivors of the Cerealian race, which was wiped out by Freeza's army of Saiyan Great Apes, decades ago. Now, thanks to the machinations of a new crime syndicate called the Heeters, Granolah is gunning for Goku and Vegeta due to the Saiyans'crimes against his people - but this arc needs to also bring Freeza back into the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Manga SPOILERS Follow!

This new "Granolah The Survivor" arc of Dragon Ball Super has quickly become one of the more pivotal stories of the series. The backstory of the titular Granolah and his homeworld Planet Cereal has pretty direct big connections to the Saiyans, as they were the ones responsible for taking out the Cerealian race.

Of course, the Saiyans only decimated Cereal at the command of Freeza - a fact that Granolah is intently aware of. Although Dragon Ball Super has now brought Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta together in an epic clash, the fact remains that when the bounty hunter and the Saiyans eventually settle down and reach an understanding (because you know they will), the issue of Freeza will still loom large. That process has already begun in Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 72, as Goku is just now learning that Freeza is mixed up in this - and Vegeta is piecing together how the Saiyans and Granolah are connected by their shared dark history.

Dragon Ball Super Why Freeza Needs Appear Granloah Arc Spoilers

Aside from the obvious thread of Granolah wanting payback against Freeza, this story arc seems to have a larger plot involving the Evil Emperor in motion. Granolah was purposefully set on the path of gunning for Freeza and the surviving Saiyans by The Heeters, a powerful crime syndicate that wants to shake up the order of the galactic underworld. The Heeters work with Freeza, but their leader Elec hopes to use the Dragon Balls in order to take over the Freeza Force and run things in Universe 7.

With all that on the table, there's basically no way that Freeza can stay out of the page of Dragon Ball Super's Granolah Arc for much longer. Whether he has to face Granolah in battle, or finds his position of power upset by the Heeters' Dragon Ball wish, this story's re-alignment of the Dragon Ball status quo will clearly end up affecting Freeza's status too.

Dragon Ball Super's new movie is coming in 2022. The manga releases new chapters free online every month.