Dragon Ball Super Teases Freeza's Return to Action

Dragon Ball Super is teasing Freeza's return to action in the newest chapter of the series! Following his close association to the events of the series during the Tournament of Power and Broly arcs, Freeza was curiously absent during the galaxy wide events of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc as Planet Eater Moro tore his way through the seventh universe. While the series had not explained what Freeza was during while that fight was going on, it seems we'll be seeing the villain again soon enough as he's directly tied into the motivations of the series' newest warrior.

Dragon Ball Super's newest chapter has officially started the Granolah arc of the series that is squarely focused on a brand new warrior that has it out for both the Saiyans and Freeza, Granolah. After his planet was destroyed he has now vowed revenge on the tyrant, and that likely means we'll be getting an update on Freeza's whereabouts before the arc comes to an end.

Dragon Ball Super Freeza Return Tease Granolah Arc Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 68 of the series introduces us to Granolah, the last survivor of a race known as the Cerealians that were once wiped out by the Saiyans as part of Freeza's original conquest through the universe. Granolah was originally resigned to the fact that Freeza and the Saiyans had been wiped out, but soon he comes to find out that Freeza has come back to life. This fuels his rage even more so as now he actually has a chance to avenge his people.

It's mentioned that Granolah is already a strong being, and that he's getting stronger by the day. Now that he knows Freeza is alive, it's likely that as he continues to get stronger he'll be seeking out Freeza in order to enact his revenge. Meaning that before long we'll be seeing Freeza in the series once more. Not only that, but once Granolah finds out that there are still Saiyans around (and one of them looks remarkably like the same Saiyan he continues to have nightmares about), things are only going to get more intense.

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