Dragon Ball Fan Celebrates Ultra Instinct Goku with a Massive Painting

Goku has been having some trouble with mastering his latest transformation in Dragon Ball Super, with the latest chapter of the series seemingly finally giving the Saiyan warrior complete control over the power that rivals the gods and one fan has decided to honor this new found power boost that was discovered during the Tournament of Power with a giant painting! Though Ultra Instinct wasn't able to ultimately defeat Jiren during the last arc of the anime series, it is clearly the current top move that Goku has at his disposal!

As mentioned earlier, Goku has recently found a way to master Ultra Instinct following the death of the renegade angel known as Merus, finally having the power to take down the big threat to the Dragon Ball universe in Moro. Though Goku had originally managed to learn how to harness the full power of Ultra Instinct's first form, Sign, it wasn't enough to defeat the energy absorbing sorcerer that has been sapping the life from opponents and entire planets alike! Though the latest chapter has had fans face palming as Goku made one of his typical bone headed calls, it's clear that Son has come a long way since the start of the sequel series!

Reddit User MukbangSon shared a look at the amazing life sized mural that captures the intensity of Son Goku in his Ultra Instinct form, which has become one of the biggest transformations of Dragon Ball Super to date and has helped the Saiyan protagonist hit a weight class all his own:

8ft Ultra Instinct Goku Painting I did from r/dbz

Ultra Instinct is seemingly a technique that no one else has been able to use within the roster of fighters in Dragon Ball Super, but we could definitely see warriors like Vegeta and Gohan managing to master it at some point based on their individual styles of fighting. The big question will be, following the Moro Arc, is there any villain that will be able to go head to head with Goku using Ultra Instinct at full power? Of course, the answer will be yes but we look forward to see what kind of enemies could do so!

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