Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta's New Godly Destroyer Form Explained

Dragon Ball Super has officially debued Vegeta'snew Godly Destroyer form, in the pages of the [...]

Dragon Ball Super has officially debued Vegeta'snew Godly Destroyer form, in the pages of the manga. Read on to get a breakdown of how Vegeta unlocked his latest power boost - as well as what it means for the future of the Dragon Ball series. If you haven't been following, Vegeta has diverged his path from Goku in a serious way; the Saiyan Prince recently vowed never again to be in Goku's shadow when it comes to unlocking new power techniques and transformations - and he's certainly made good on that boast. Now with Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74, it truly seems like Vegeta has become something entirely different than Goku will ever be!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super SPOILERS Follow!

During the Moro Arc, Vegeta traveled to the Planet Yardrat (where Goku learned the Instant Transmission technique during Dragon Ball Z) in order to unlock new power techniques. On Yardrat Vegeta learned "Spirit Control," a way of managing and controlling chi that unlocked an entire library of new ways for Vegeta to control his energy and the energy of others. It wasn't enough to defeat Moro completely, but it was the start of a bold new evolution in Vegeta's powers, hinting at much more waiting for him than more Super Saiyan evolutions or Goku's Ultra Instinct technique.

After the battle with Moro, Lord Beerus took Vegeta under his wing and started training him in the ways of the Destroyer Gods and their "hakai" technique of destruction. It wasn't only that Beerus was begrudgingly impressed with how powerful Vegeta had become; the Destroyer God revealed to Vegeta that godly powers come in all sorts of varieties, that best suit all sorts of different personality types. While Goku may be suited for the zen-like serenity of Ultra Instinct developed by the angels, Vegeta's Saiyan instinct for and love of battle and destruction could be harnessed into godly levels of power.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Godly Destroyer Powers Explained 74 Spoilers

Well, in Dragon Ball Super chapter 74, Vegeta indeed broke his limits to achieve a new Godly Destroyer form. The Saiyan Prince stepped up for the second round of battle against Granolah, the last survivor of a unique race of alien warriors called Cerelians, who used a new pair of Dragon Balls to become the strongest warrior in the universe. However, when Vegeta transformed into Godly Destroyer form, he let Granolah know that his title as the strongest is in jeopardy:

"A God of Destruction taught me that power derived solely from instinct is unbounded."

Even Goku's fully mastered Ultra Instinct couldn't stop Granolah - but Vegeta wasn't relying on the raw power of his new form. All throughout their fight, Vegeta showed Granolah how better strategy and technique outclasses raw power every time. Now school may really be in session for Granolah.

As always, Dragon Ball fans are hoping that maybe Vegeta will be the big victor instead of Goku, this time. We'll see.

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