Dragon Ball Dunks on Yamcha with Yet Another Meme

Perhaps there has been no character more on the receiving end of jokes and memes in the world of Dragon Ball than Yamcha, the bandit turned Z Fighter whose power level has never managed to keep in step with the times, and one fan has shared a meme that can be added to some of the greatest when it comes to the one time baseball pro. Since being killed in the Saiyan Saga thanks to a kamikaze Saibaman, Yamcha has been struggling to pull himself up back to relevancy and Dragon Ball Super, at least, has given him a chance or two.

As mentioned, Dragon Ball Super has been attempting to give Yamcha an air of legitimacy in a few different ways in both the anime and the manga. The anime specifically, Yamcha was given the opportunity to show off his skills as a baseball player when Universe 7 faced off against Champa and his team in Universe 6, giving a hilarious nod to the Z Fighter's original death during the Saiyan Saga. In the manga, during the Moro Arc, Yamcha was given what might be his greatest moment in years as he joined alongside the Z Fighters and the Galactic Patrol as he fought against a number of Moro's henchmen and won! Needless to say, we're keeping our fingers crossed that the one time bandit gets more moments to shine in the future.

Twitter User DBSHyper shared this hilarious meme that sees Yamcha trying to comprehend how fans can love the father of Goku in Bardock for his facial scars, but not show that same appreciation when it comes to the fighter that had originated the look since the early days of the Dragon Ball franchise:

Even with some moments being given to him recently, Yamcha also had to go through a rough patch when he was completely ignored during the Tournament of Power, not even being invited to participate in the knock down, drag out fights that took place between all the alternate realities of the multiverse. Though Yamcha doesn't seem to be taking on the likes of Super Saiyans or energy absorbing wizards at any point in the near future, we'll be crossing our fingers that one of the earliest characters of the franchise gets his due.

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