Dragon Ball Art Redesigns Launch for a New Generation

Dragon Ball has been around for decades, so you can understand why creator Akira Toriyama has done away with some characters. After all of this time, there are too many people to keep tabs on, and the artist knows it. There are some characters that fans wish had avoided the cut, and one of them happens to be Launch. Thanks to one famed illustrator, a new take on the heroine has hit social media, and it reimagines Launch for a new generation of fans.

The artwork was posted on Twitter by Shunya Yamashita for the world to see. The artwork, which can be found down below, revisits the heroine after years of being missing in action. Though once a mainstay in Dragon Ball, Launch was transitioned out of the series by the time Dragon Ball Z went public, but this fan-made design proves Launch is still pretty perfect.

As you can see, the redesign softens Launch from his heyday and make her inline with Dragon Ball Super aesthetics. Sure, she is not designed in the style Shintani made popular, but this is a huge improvement overall. From her multi-tonal hair to her color palette, this take on Launch earns approval from her most staunch critics.

Fans should not be too surprised by this design's quality given Yamashita inked it. The illustrator is well-known in Japan for their works, and they've done illustrations for anime, manga, and video games. In fact, the artist gained fame for doing designs at Kotobukiya, so it goes without saying this Launch piece better become a statue ASAP. And if Yamashita has time, Dragon Ball Super fans would greatly appreciate more redesigns down the line!

What do you think about this take on Launch? Do you want the series to revisit the heroine anytime soon? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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