Dragon Ball Z Narrator Takes on Chris Jericho's Judas Challenge

The world has been shaken up pretty heavily thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and different entertainment industries have taken major steps in order to help prevent the spread of the virus. This has been especially true for wrestling organizations such as All Elite Wrestling, which has made major efforts in order to help curb the spread as well. It's not all bad changes as one of the coolest aspects of the changes has resulted in the Judas Challenge. It's a challenge in which fans can participate by singing along with Chris Jericho's entrance theme, "Judas" by Jericho's group Fozzy.

What began as a way for the crowd to celebrate Jericho's entrance to the arena with each of his appearances on All Elite Wrestling Dynamite has morphed into a worldwide challenge where fans are putting their own fun interpretations on the theme. This surprisingly now includes the voice of Dragon Ball Z's narrator (and Gohan) Kyle Hebert. Hebert put a very nostalgic take on the theme and made it rock a hundred times more. Check it out:

As the voice behind Adult Gohan and the narrator of the original series, Hebert has been in a ton of homes over the years. Dragon Ball Z is often the version of the anime franchise fans fondly remember the most, and its narrator often led fans in to some of the biggest moments in the entire franchise with introductions, teases of what's to come, and much more.


With Hebert now hilariously battling the "Freeza" in his mind, wrestling fans are excited to find that there's another big anime veteran rallying behind who they believe is the greatest wrestler of all time. These two powerful forces are bringing the worlds together, and goes to show how much of anime is like the wrestling world. Long running stories, fierce battles, huge personalities, and of course, rocking theme songs. There's just so much commonality between the two!

Have you rocked out with Chris Jericho and taken on the Judas Challenge? Are you more inclined to do so now that the voice behind so many famous Dragon Ball Z moments has joined in? What songs would you want to see Hebert take on in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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