Make A Wish With This Legendary Dragon Ball Z Tattoo

The Eternal Dragon, or Shenron, has always been a significant part of the Dragon Ball franchise. Whether it resurrected heroes who had died in battle or granted immortality to some of the Z Fighters' worst villains, the Dragon Balls are one of the biggest "macguffins" in anime history. Recently, one fan has decided to honor the wish granting balls that were originally created by the Namekian, Kami, that have been used more times than we can count by inking an image of the dragon on their skin forever!

Reddit User Suicidirei shared this impressive, full length tattoo of the Eternal Dragon, honoring one of the biggest parts of the Dragon Ball franchise outside of fisticuffs, Super Saiyan transformations, and sessions where Saiyans eat copious amount of food:

What you guys think about my shenron tat from r/dbz

As fans of Dragon Ball know, Shenron may be able to grant the wish of the person who assembled the Dragon Balls, but there are some rules that folks need to follow and some weaknesses in terms of what can be wished for. For example, the Eternal Dragon can't wish for things outside of its power, such as being able to kill enemies stronger than itself. It also cannot grant the same wish twice, though these rules have changed a tad with the new set of balls created by the new "God of Earth", Dende.

Of course, Kami no longer exists in his original state, deciding to merge with his younger, more evil self in order to attempt to defeat Cell. While it gave Piccolo a serious upgrade, it did make the Dragon Balls go dormant for a time. There have been numerous iterations of the Dragon Balls themselves, such as the ones that were present on the planet Namek which summon the dragon Porunga and the recent Super Dragon Balls that can grant wishes such as restoring entire universes back to life.


What do you think of this amazing Shenron tattoo? If you had to get a tattoo of a Dragon Ball character, who would you choose? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Dragon Ball!

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