Fairy Tail Creator Honors Witch's Anime Debut With Edens Zero Sketch

Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima celebrated the debut of Witch Regret in the Edens Zero anime with [...]

Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima celebrated the debut of Witch Regret in the Edens Zero anime with a cool new sketch! Mashima's newest series is making its debut anime run in Japan as part of the Spring 2021 anime season, and while international fans will have to wait a little bit longer to see this new series for themselves, fans have begun to meet all sorts of new characters in Edens Zero so far. This includes some brand new additions that made their appearance with the most recently airing episode in Japan as well such as Witch Regret.

Witch Regret made her official debut with Episode 7 of the anime, and Edens Zero creator celebrated this debut in style. Much like the sketch Mashima debuted to honor Elsie Crimson's first appearance in the anime, Mashima shared a new sketch for Witch honoring her first appearance with fans on Twitter. It's just scratching the surface of what this character brings to the series, so it's quite exciting. Check out the sketch below:

Edens Zero previously announced that Kiyono Yasuno (Nejire Hado in My Hero Academia, Charmy Pappison in Black Clover) will be providing the voice for Witch Regret, and shared a closer look at the character design that shows up in the seventh episode of the anime. For fans outside of Japan, unfortunately, Netflix has confirmed that Edens Zero will be streaming worldwide later this Fall.

Netflix has yet to confirm a concrete release date for Edens Zero as of this writing outside of its initially announced Fall window, so there are still plenty of questions about its international release such as whether or not it will be receiving an English dub. But this first season run of the series has been confirmed to run for 26 episodes, and Netflix officially describes Edens Zero as such:

"It is the year X492, an age in which people freely travel through the universe. Rebecca, a video-creating B-Cuber, visits the robotic world of Granbell and meets a young man with special powers: Shiki, who's lived his entire life among machines. Soon Shiki is exploring the cosmos with Rebecca, encountering new places, people and things, and making friends along the way. Join in the adventure starting in 2021 on Netflix."

What do you think? Will you be tuning into Edens Zero's anime when it streams with Netflix later this year? Which characters have caught your eye the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!