New Elden Ring Manga Isn't What You Might Think

The Lands Between is getting a new manga that you might not have expected if you're an Elden Ring fan.

Elden Ring took the video game world by storm, as From Software added another major, challenging entry in their game roster. Joining the likes of Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Sekiro, and Bloodborne, the Lands Between demanded a lot from player in attempting to become the next Elden Lord. Luckily, a new story is giving fans of the game the chance to take in the world without taking on challenges themselves, though this might not be the manga that many saw coming. Elden Ring: Going Forward, There Will Be Our Bond has a premise that will take you by surprise.

Elden Ring is no stranger to the world of manga, as a popular entry has been Elden Ring: The Road To The Erdtree. The series first started in 2022 and followed a character in The Lands Between as the protagonist sets out on his first journey. Created by manga artist Nikiichi Tobita, the creator of A Cursed Sword's Daily Life, this entry was a big entry point for the medium into From Software's latest universe. Following this manga series, the From Software game received an additional story in Elden Ring Become Lord manga which saw another "Tarnished" taking center stage. Elden Ring: Going Forward, There Will Be Our Bond will be much different than these two entries.

Elden Ring: A Streaming Manga

(Photo: Kadokawa & From Software)

Elden Ring: Going Forward, There Will Be Our Bond will follow two streamers that are playing the video game, making for quite the departure from the previous manga entries. The manga series will be printed by Kadokawa and will start its run on May 30th next month. Here's how Kadokawa describes the series that will take a fresh look at the Lands Between,

"A teenage school boy is spending his days playing video games, especially PvP, where he thrives & shares his sessions via live streaming. But one day out of the blue his classmate shares his struggles playing "Elden Ring" & the boy is impulsively stepping in to help him out. Soon he enjoys their joint gaming sessions, but it gradually changes the content of his live streams, causing tension with his viewers. This is the youth tale of a high school gamer trying to balance his online presence with real-world friendships." 

For those waiting to re-enter the Lands Between in the gaming world, Elden Ring's DLC, Shadow of The Erdtree, will be released on June 21st. Considering how massive past DLCs have been from From Software, this will be one to watch. 

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