ESPN: Stephen A. Smith Breaks Down Mewtwo's Chances Against LeBron James

At nearly 7-feet tall, Mewtwo would make for a solid basketball player.

Pokemon has well over 1,000 creatures in its pocket these days, but only so many of them stand a chance against LeBron James. For decades, the NBA star has proven himself time and again as one of the best athletes to ever hit the court. The team at ESPN has never shied away from congratulating James on his game, but in a recent video, commentator Stephen A. Smith admits Mewtwo has a chance at taking down James.

As you can see below, the wild moment came to light on ESPN as Smith went over fan questions from social media. It was there one curious fan asked whether Mewtwo has a shot a beating James in a game to 21 given their stats. At 6'7" and 269 pounds, Mewtwo is a beast, and his abilities put Smith to the test.

The host makes it clear that Mewtwo's win is not a sure thing, but they have real potential against James. If the Pokemon were to hit the court one on one, Mewtwo's Unnerve ability would serve him well in a match, and he can exert psychic pressure on opponents. Given James' record, we know the athlete can handle pressure, but can he handle the kind of psychic load wrought by Mewtwo?

Plus, the Pokemon does have a tail at his disposal. Mewtwo could use the appendage to their advantage, and that's not all. We know Mewtwo is very nimble courtesy of the Pokemon anime, so truly, the odds are in the air with this match up.

As for other Pokemon with potential to match James, well – the list is selective. Guys like Lucario have the humanoid shape down for the game, but their stature is hardly tall enough. Still, picks like Bewear at 6'11" would be a solid match. And if we brought Mega Mewtwo X into the equation? At 7'7" and 280 pounds, the evolution has a solid chance of pulling a win. 

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