New 'Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution' Promo Debuts English Dub

Funimation has announced that the first Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution film will release in the United [...]

Funimation has announced that the first Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution film will release in the United States with both an English dub and its native Japanese with English subtitles February 5 and 7, but we have yet to see any of the film's English dub.

The subtitled version will premiere on February 5, but by the quality of the English voice cast in this clip (which debuts some new footage for The Summer of Love), fans just may want to wait for the English dub's screening on February 7.

Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution is a new film trilogy covering the events of the original series but has a lot more in store for series fans. The trilogy will first cover the events of the First Summer of Love, an event taking place before the original series that was only previously hinted at. The new trilogy will also cover the events of the original series, with the original cast re-recording their lines for brand new scenes and re-touched footage.

Here's how Funimation describes the first film, Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution 1:

"Ride the trapars and take to the skies once more! The revolutionary mecha anime from studio Bones returns for the first movie in a high-flying trilogy."

"It all begins with the story that was left untold—the earth-shattering incident where Renton's father disappeared. With the mysterious pilot Eureka by his side, only Adroc Thurston could undo his own mistake, sparking the event that changed everything and earned him the title of a hero. Now, ten years later, Eureka lies in critical condition as Renton leaves the crew of the Gekko. But when he finds himself in the care of his father's old friends, he has a choice to make. Either stay with the loving family he's always wanted, or earn the love he seeks."

For those unfamiliar with Eureka Seven, it's an anime series produced by studio Bones. Directed by Tomoki Kyoda, with music by Noaki Sato, the series follows Renton, son of a researcher who once died saving the world. He's a lifter (a person who surfs through a special substance in the air) who dreams of joining the rebel group Gekkostate. When a member of Gekkostate, the mysterious Eureka, crashes into his room, he's soon invited to join the rebel group. He finds out quickly, however, that life in the lifter group isn't quite as lavish as he once thought.

The series ran on MBS from 2005 to 2006 for 50 episodes. It was licensed for an English language broadcast by Funimation and has received notable manga spin-offs, video games, and a full-length feature film. It was received well commercially and critically. You can currently find the series streaming on Crunchyroll and FunimationNOW.