Fairy Tail Creator Celebrates Juvia with Special Artwork

Fairy Tail fans have made several of their own special holidays to commemorate their favorite [...]

Fairy Tail fans have made several of their own special holidays to commemorate their favorite characters, and series creator Hiro Mashima recently celebrated one of Juvia's holidays with a special sketch. The fandom has bounced around Juvia's day specifically, but now Mashima has put an official stamp on June 3rd as Juvia day with a special new sketch featuring the fan favorite heroine. Not only has Mashima provided several new sketches of Juvia Lockser in the past, but the latest sketch has definitely brought her back to the forefront for the best heroine competition in the series.

To celebrate Juvia Lockser's special day, Mashima shared two adorable sketches. One seeing a chibi version of Juvia looking up at the special date, and the other a more conventional profile image. These sketches are far from the spiciest takes of Juvia that Mashima has shared with fans on Twitter, but it will certainly be one of the most popular.

Juvia and Gray's relationship is one of the core tenets of the Fairy Tail series as a whole as fans continued to love how Gray kept rejecting Juvia's open advances, and the latter half of the series saw them growing closer together as an actual romantic couple. Unfortunately, like many of the other romances in the series this pairing never got any official time on screen.

Mashima has been keeping the spirit of the series alive long after the original end of the manga with fans on Twitter, and Juvia and Gray's relationship is one Mashima often revisits. The argument over whether or not these imaginings are "canon" will forever continue because these sketches are from the original creator, but it's a fun argument to have. Especially when the series ended some time ago and we have new things to discuss at all. Failing that, Mashima always comes through with varying levels of fan service for his heroines and heroes too. But what do you think about Juvia Lockser?

How did you feel about Juvia and Gray's ending in Fairy Tail? What were your favorite Juvia looks introduced over the course of Hiro Mashima's series? Are you hoping to see her in an anime again someday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!