Fairy Tail Creator Wows with Scandalous Lucy Artwork

Fairy Tail series creator Hiro Mashima has been known among fans for his spicy takes on characters [...]

Fairy Tail series creator Hiro Mashima has been known among fans for his spicy takes on characters from each of his fan favorite series, but his scandalous update for Lucy Heartfilia definitely takes the cake. Mashima's various series have been huge hits with fans not only for their action packed adventures, but because Mashima often inserts lots of fan service for each of his heroines throughout the course of the series. No matter how intense a scene seems to be, Mashima is always just a bit cheeky when it comes to his characters.

That cheekiness has continued long after the Fairy Tail series has come to an end, too. Not only is Mashima now knee deep into his latest work, Edens Zero, but is also working on several other unannounced projects and crossovers. It's probably why Lucy pops up in his work on Twitter so much given that he's drawing her now more than ever.

Mashima is also a huge hit with fans because of how much artwork he shares of his characters with fans on Twitter, but the latest scandalous sketch teases a nude Lucy hiding just under a blanket. Mashima has definitely been racy when it comes to how he has presented Lucy in the past (even when it comes to these sketches), but this one definitely seems to go a bit farther. Check it out:

One of the biggest issues fans had with Fairy Tail's finale was the fact that Lucy and Natsu never quite settled what their romance actually is. Although the series has continued on with an official manga sequel, the fact that this central romance has been left off the table in terms of any major development definitely hit fans hard. So seeing this side of Lucy in sketches like this are one way fans can imagine how this relationship between the two might have developed and blossomed further.

Until then, fans getting a peek into Lucy looks like this certainly will be accepted with open arms. What do you think of Hiro Mashima's latest spicy look for Lucy? What are some of your favorite Lucy looks in the Fairy Tail series overall? Where would you want to see Lucy pop up next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!