Fate/Strange Fake Movie Shares New Promo: Watch

Are you ready for the next entry of Fate? It has been a moment since the franchise struck out with a new anime, but that will change in a few months. After all, Fate is set to debut a new movie this July, and Fate/Strange Fake promises to focus on another wild Grail War. A new promo for the film just went live, and it confirms the Fate movie will be premiere in the United States before long.

As you can see below, a promo for Fate/Strange Fake was released just recently, and it breaks down details about the movie's U.S. premiere. It turns out the movie will make its global launch in Los Angeles this summer. A-1 Pictures will bring the movie stateside to celebrate Fate's fandom, so fans will want to keep track of the IP moving forward.

Of course, Fate/Strange Fake will be released officially in July, and the movie promises to unpack a wild tale. After all, its story dates back to a light novel penned in January 2015 by Ryogo Narita. Fate/Strange Fake tells the story of a copied Grail War from the Third Holy War that was not copied correctly. Years after the actual war ended, a rogue group from the United States sacrifices a city to launch the 'fake' Grail War, but the experiment falls apart quickly due to its faulty copy. The Mage Association sends some of its own heroes to investigate the strange war, and it is there our heroes clash with new foes who want to harness a Grail War for their own purposes.

If you want to know more about the Fate franchise, well – you should know the series is a complex one. Created by Type-Moon, Fate began as a visual novel before an anime adaptation in 2006 turned it into a television powerhouse. By now, there are at least six anime series dedicated to Fate, and this movie promises to add to the IP. So for more details on Fate/Strange Fake, you can read its official synopsis below:

"In a Holy Grail War, Mages (Masters) and their Heroic Spirits (Servants) fight for the control of the Holy Grail – an omnipotent wish-granting device said to fulfill any desire. Years have passed since the end of the Fifth Holy Grail War in Japan. Now, signs portend the emergence of a new Holy Grail in the western American city of Snowfield. Sure enough, Masters and Servants begin to gather... A missing Servant class... Impossible Servant summonings... A nation shrouded in secrecy... And a city created as a battleground. In the face of such irregularities, the Holy Grail War is twisted and driven into the depth of madness. Let the curtain rise on a masquerade of humans and heroes, made to dance upon the stage of a false Holy Grail."

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