Fate/Strange Releases First Trailer

The Fate series has developed quite the fan following over the years, managing to not just hit the scene as an anime, but cross over to the mediums of light novels, manga, video games, and OVAs. With series such as Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Grand Order, and several other spin-offs, the storyline of Fate/Strange which hit the scene as a light novel series is entering the world of anime. While not yet receiving an anime series all its own, the recent trailer from the animation studio of A-1 Pictures teases the newest chapter of Fate/Strange Fake and hints at what could be!

Twitter User Bunko_Dengeki shared the latest trailer for the sixth volume of the spin-off series, focusing on an organization from the United States that are looking to start a Grail War all their own:

The official description of Fate/Strange Fake reads as such:

"The plot centers around a Grail War faultily copied from the Third Holy Grail War in Fuyuki. After the end of the third Grail War, an organization from the United States that has magi separate from the London-based Mage Association as members took data from Fuyuki's Grail War and planned their own ritual. After seventy years, they used the city Snowfield as the Sacred Land for their own Grail War. They were unable to successfully copy every aspect of the ritual, which lead to it acting only as an imitation that has lost the Saber class and allowed for the summoning of strange Servants due to the definition of a "hero" being blurred."


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The release of the final film of this trilogy that is Heaven's Feel is almost here, too! Currently slated for a release in Japan in Spring 2020, Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel III. spring song will be directed by animation director for Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works and Fate/Zero, Tomonori Sudou. Sudou has directed the entire Heaven's Feel trilogy for studio ufotable. Yuki Kajiura is composing the music for the films, and Takahiro Miura is storyboarding the trilogy.

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