Ghost in the Shell Creator Praises Death Stranding

Ghost in the Shell will always be a legendary anime, seemingly setting the goalpost for a lot of [...]

Ghost in the Shell will always be a legendary anime, seemingly setting the goalpost for a lot of movies and franchises to strive for. In a similar vein, the games of Hideo Kojima have been paramount in the medium of video games, with the Metal Gear Solid series being one of the most beloved games for many fans across the world. Now, the creator of Ghost in the Shell, Masamune Shirow, has given his thoughts on the divisive release from Hideo Kojima which follows the deliveryman Sam as he attempts to reunite a dystopian America. What were Shirow's thoughts on Death Stranding?

Twitter User OtakuCalenderJP shared Shirow's thoughts on the game, clearly affected by the environment and setting that Kojima had put together to bring this brand new world to Playstation 4 players, taking serious risks to tell a story all his own:

Both Ghost in the Shell and Death Stranding present futures that are very different from our own, wrapped in technologies that we can only dream of. With humanity and tech blending into a seemingly unnoticeable combination, both universes have their own dangers for humanity and greatly change our race as time continues to march forward. While Kusanagi and Sam have extremely different roles, they both still act as fantastic protagonists for audiences to see the world through their eyes.

What have you thought about Death Stranding so far? Do you feel that the worlds of Death Stranding and Ghost in the Shell are similar? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, Hideo Kojima, and Major Kusanagi!

For those unfamiliar with Ghost in the Shell, the series was created by Masamune Shirow (as Mobile Armored Riot Police in Japan) in 1989. Set in 2029 Japan, the series follows the Public Security Section 9, a counter-cyberterror organization led by Major Motoko Kusanagi (a woman forced to live with a cybernetic body due to an accident when she was young) as they investigate the crimes committed between machines and humans. The series first made its major break in 1995 with a film, and then another anime series in Stand Alone Complex that told an alternate story from the film. This is arguably the most popular version of the series, but it's one of many.

Death Stranding is now available on the PS4 and will come to the PC platform starting in the early summer of 2020.