'God of War' Gets One Spot-On Manga Makeover

If you didn't know, God of War is back and bigger than ever thanks to its latest title. The action-adventure series recently released a new installment as God of War brought Kratos back for another console adventure. So far, the game has been getting rave reviews, and fans have been hyping the title on social media for everyone to see. Now, it seems God of War just got its own manga mash-up, and the piece works almost too well.

Over on Reddit, one showed the world what happens when you put God of War and One Piece together. A user by the name /Nnamdi1 shared their mash-up of the two series, and fans were quick to praise how accurate the crossover is.

As you can see below, One Piece and God of War collide through Shanks and Monkey D. Luffy. To the left, the red-haired pirate has traded in his long locks for an even thicker beard. Shanks has taken over Kratos' part in the God of War story, and he looks downright terrifying thanks to his iron prosthetic.

God of War, One Piece style!!! from r/OnePiece

Of course, it isn't hard to figure out who Luffy is meant to be. The hyperactive pirate has been reimagined as Atreus, the son of Kratos and Laufey. The character was introduced in the video game franchise just recently, and Luffy's precocious nature suits Atreus perfectly.

The mash-up looks pretty spot-on in terms of design as the God of War artwork ditches its digital look for one suiting a manga. Shanks and Luffy retain much of their usual design in this fan-art since the only things that was really changed is their clothing. Even if Luffy is not Shank's actual son, the duo have become a convincing father-son duo. Now, the only thing left for this artist to do is imagine what Luffy's brothers would look as God of War characters, and then fans can cry when they realize Portgas D. Ace is as dead as Kratos' first brood.


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