MonsterVerse Executive Says There Are More Movie Ideas in the Works

Godzilla vs Kong made its successful debut at the end of March, and it has proven monsters still have a place on the big screen. After all, the MonsterVerse is thriving even amidst the pandemic all thanks to the kaiju flick. As you can imagine, plenty of fans are eager to know if the MonsterVerse will continue in light of this success, and it turns out that might just be the case.

If you did not know, the MonsterVerse stepped out with Godzilla vs Kong on March 31 stateside, and it marks the last-known MonsterVerse release. There are no public plans to continue the franchise at this point, and that has been a major stress point for fans. But as it turn out, the folks at a Legendary are very interested in continuing the series.

Godzilla Vs Kong Special Kaiju
(Photo: Legendary Pictures)

A recent report for Deadline confirmed the interest is there with a recent box office feature. The trade got a quote from Legendary's chief Josh Grode, and the executive said, "we have a number of ideas for more movies."

As you can imagine, this quote is assuring to fans of the MonsterVerse. There are tons of untapped stories for the franchise to approach, but netizens do need to keep one thing in mind. Legendary might be the force bankrolling the MonsterVerse with help from Warner Bros. Pictures, but the franchise relies on licensing deals. Godzilla is firmly situated with Toho, and much of his kaiju comrades reside there as well. So if the MonsterVerse is going to continue, Toho will need to be onboard with the deal for things to move forward.

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