Godzilla vs Kong Brings Subscriber Surge to HBO Max

Godzilla vs Kong has been in theaters for more than a week in the United States, so that means HBO [...]

Godzilla vs Kong has been in theaters for more than a week in the United States, so that means HBO Max has been catering to fans with its own screening of the film. Thanks to a new hybrid release schedule, the MonsterVerse movie is more accessible than ever, so subscribers have been flocking to HBO Max in order to watch Godzilla vs Kong. And now, a new report suggests the blockbuster has brought a surge of new users to the service.

According to a new piece by Variety, the analytics service TVision has been keeping a pulse on HBO Max's user base since Godzilla vs Kong went live. The report suggests the site has enjoyed one of its strongest weeks in terms of welcoming new users since its launch last May.

Godzilla Vs Kong Special Kaiju
(Photo: Legendary Pictures)

As it stands, Wonder Woman 1984 ranks just above Godzilla vs Kong when it comes to seducing new users, but the MonsterVerse movie came close. The movie brought in the third-best week for HBO Max following the superhero sequel and the site's overall launch.

Of course, Warner Bros. is happy with this number, and it has said Godzilla vs Kong has been a historic gain for HBO Max. In a recent statement, the studio said the movie enjoyed a, "larger viewing audience than any other film or show on HBO Max since launch." Clearly, the monster movie has quite the appeal, and its place on HBO Max has still brought money to Warner Bros. despite its box office block. And luckily, it seems the box office is doing well for the MonsterVerse thanks to this release. Godzilla vs Kong is slated to blow past $300 million at the global box office shortly, and its domestic opening was the highest of any film since the pandemic officially got underway last year.

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