Godzilla Prompts a Major Humble Bundle Sale

With the release of the first trailer for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla Vs Kong, all things kaiju [...]

With the release of the first trailer for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla Vs Kong, all things kaiju are at the forefront of many fans' minds and Humble Bundle is partnering with Legendary Comics to give fans the opportunity not only to catch up on some of the biggest of the lizard king's printed stories but countless other comics from their line as well! The upcoming feature-length film that will see the current king of the monsters battle against the ruler of Skull Island is already shattering records in the short time since its release, hyping fans up for this titanic tussle!

Since first hitting the scene in 1954, Godzilla has easily been the most popular giant monster to stomp his way onto the silver screen, and it should be no surprise that the lizard king has also had his fair share on comic book stories that depict new parts of his world. While Japan has printed plenty of comics depicting the giant monster battles that fall on the larger than life lizard's doorstep, North America has followed suit and has even seen the king of the monsters battle against Marvel's Avengers as well as Charles Barkley in one of the strangest crossovers to ever be portrayed in the medium!

Legendary Comics spread the word to fans via their Official Twitter Account, showing that Humble Bundle was currently offering several Godzilla comics for fans for a low price, as well as other big movie properties such as Pacific Rim, Trick R Treat, Lost In Space, and more:

The crossover brawl that fans have been waiting for has been delayed a number of times, most recently thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic that has done a number on theaters for obvious reasons, but fans are elated to know that they'll only have to wait until this March to see the movie, whether it be in theaters or streaming on HBO Max!

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